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Hi Stefan,

We work with your company already more than 2 years.
I must say that we are very happy with your team, with their seniority and developer’s expertise. Your team is pretty agile and able to learn fast new technologies and jump into a complex solutions. Last year you have completed multiple complex implementations in a hectic times with great commitment and short timelines and working day and night during weekends.

I am looking forward to keep on working with your team and in future with the same passion and professionalism.

I would like to express my satisfaction with the way Bulbera met our needs. We ordered the creation of two online registries and a website. They offered excellent service and cooperation while keeping the time frame as negotiated. The quality is remarkable and the prices are adequate to it. We enjoyed working with them.

As I run a Swiss company, I have first tried to find an “end to end” solution IT company here, to build my new Application called “SwissYou”.
SwissYou connects locally living people to newcomers, ex-pats and others, advising on local life and administration through initially indicated rates and services. No Swiss company was able to do it as quickly and efficiently as I wanted. So, after a careful selection on the Internet and three hours face-to-face interview, I have chosen Bulbera. I have immediately benefited from a dedicated team of professionals, with a project manager between me and the IT developers to facilitate progress tracking and communication. In addition, Bulbera strictly abided by the deadlines! So I could run my business as scheduled.

Bulbera, you made it so simple! SwissYou is easy-to-use, modern and attractive. Thank you, guys.

We know Stefan (the CEO) and Deyan (the business development manager) from 3-4 years as wonderful mates interested and living an alternative nature health and yoga way of life. We have spend some nice time with them.
But we know them as software specialists from 1 year, working on our Vita Rama patient’s module system. We can say very honestly that our impression from the work with them is as wonderful as we know them from before.
We will add this for Zhenya as well, who is our project director and all other team members behind the monitors 🙂 In short, communication is very fast; they are all very responsive, helping you to understand better what you need; and their reactions for improving some technical things is also quite fast. Now we have a nicely working software, easily implemented in our team members and saving us great amount of time, working on the different health cases and problems with our patients. Thank you Bulbera! Our new tasks for new software projects are coming soon.

Bulbera responded to our project’s needs professionally and timely. They are an open minded partner that was there for us when the deadlines were tight and the challenges were difficult. We are happy to continue to partner with them now and in the future.

What Bulbera did for Volontime is that we formed a team together in just a month. And when we say a team, it doesn’t mean just designated people who do what is assigned to them. It was a real team where Bulbera people discussed, gave advice, even contacted third parties and looked at the project from users’ point of view to help us come up with the most appropriate functionality for the platform which works in the most adequate way for all parties.
Therefore, we strongly recommend Bulbera, given that in addition to competence, you will get help and support, which is a big plus for the project and its smooth and effective execution.

It’s important to not just do what the customer wants. Mastery is for the performer to feel the client, to guide him skillfully, to give him alternatives, to build trust that he can be relied on.

If you want mastery – Bulbera can do it 🙂

Thank you guys and keep in the same way!


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