Bring your ideas to life… Being passionate and professional…Supporting organizations like yours!

Bring our ideas and products to life…Supporting each user!


Bulbera is a multiple time award-winning innovative software company with a team of experts with over a decade of experience in the medical and digital world. Confident in our approach, we develop a simple and efficient software solutions which facilitate your daily life and optimize your revenues. We work hard no matter the scope to ensure you get the best product tailored for your needs.
Our team adds value to your idea at every stage of the project: from clarifying your initial concept, analyzing requirements, designing and developing software applications right through delivery, integration and support. During the years we had the experience in building our own products as well as sharing our expertise with our clients and helping other companies deliver their projects.


We can handle wide range of applications and services. Mobile, enterprise projects, web, help to deliver your projects or consultancy – just share your idea with us!


    • ERP and CRM systems
    • Banking
    • Health Care
    • Travel and tourist services
    • Web crawling and search engines
    • Big data management and analysis
    • Device and power management for data centers

    • E-commerce
    • E-learning
    • Company websites
    • Presentational websites
    • Travel and tourist services
    • Social

    • We share the experience from building our own products with our clients.
    • We plug in in different teams on a time and material basis, supporting them with our expertise and helping to produce the best for their clients.
    • We have complemented other teams as business analysts, developers, team leaders and solution architects.


In our opinion each product needs a different approach. That is why we strive to be as agile as possible when choosing the technologies for its implementation. Those, which we are most familiar with and use most often in our everyday work are:

  • Java / J2EE – Spring, Hibernate, Jersey
  • JavaScript – React, Angular, Node.js (Express, Adonis)
  • PHP – Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP
  • Mobile – iOS, Android, Cross-Platform (React Native, Ionic, Cordova)
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap
  • Search engines – Solr
  • Databases – PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Application / Web servers – Tomcat, Nginx, Apache
  • Cloud platforms – Google Cloud, AWS

Technologies we are certified for:

  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer for J2EE
  • IBM Object Oriented Analysys and Design with UML
  • Certified Scrum Master


Stefan Gospodinov

Stefan has been working in the software industry for more than 17 years knowing the nuts and bolts of software application development. He is passionate about creating things from scratch thus the decision to start his software development company.

Knowing how to wear many hats he is involved in all that happens here at Bulbera  from building successful partnerships to producing some of the company’s top applications. Stefan is recognized for his proven technical, product management and people skills.He is a big fan of getting things done in a simple and efficient way and seeing the ease with which clients use his products.

E: [email protected]

Zhenya Atanasova

Zhenya is responsible for Bulbera’s processes and practices as well as improving performance. 

Quality results for clients and teams proud of what they do is equally important and her aim is to keep making this happen.

She is experienced in finding talents and commissioning the best production teams according to the client’s brief and requirements. Easy to communicate with – possessing years of experience working with international production teams and clients.

E: [email protected]

Deyan Blagoev

More than a decade Deyan is working on developing new markets, products and innovative solutions for customers. He has experience in various business sectors and has worked for large international companies.

He has joined Bulbera to support the team with developing new external, client-oriented relationships and new product positioning on the market.

E: [email protected]