Each project needs a different approach but what they all have in common is that we are tracking the progress, keeping things simple and staying transparent. You have a direct overview of the project’s progress at any stage. Working in short iterations guarantees that you get what you want and you get it on time.

The typical stages we will go through together are:

Analysis and Design –we will discuss your idea, research further  and present the best solution for you using simple illustrative design

Development – we will transform your idea into reality by using the most appropriate technologies and development practices

UI Design – we will design and develop the user interface of your application in such a manner that working with it will be not only pleasant but fast, easy and intuitive

Quality Assurance – we will test and verify that the application which we develop meets your expectations and requirements

Delivery and Integration – we will help you integrate the application into your working environment (set up the necessary hardware or cloud infrastructure, install and configure it) or publish it into the various mobile app stores

Training – we will help you employees to start working with the application within no time

Support – we will keep supporting you when the application starts working in its production environment