Large scale end-to-end events management platform for one of the leading UK Christmas parties organizers (like Airbnb and but for Christmas parties).

Its custom-tailored CMS helps various types of suppliers (venues, entertainment, services, and products) to easily list and manage their content on the platform. The CRM module of the system offers them advanced client, booking and user management and reporting. On the other side, the platform provides an easy and intuitive web front-end (optimized for both mobile and desktop experience) allowing the end clients to quickly find, book and pay for their event tailored to their specific requirements. It is highly SEO optimized helping the platform to get more organic traffic.

As a final touch, the solution allows the Office Christmas team to easily get an overview of all the content and control everything in the platform and assist the end clients with their bookings when needed.

Adventure Connections


Events organizing & booking, E-Commerce, B2C, B2B

TypeScript, Node.js, Nest.js, React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS