SwissYou is an end-to-end marketplace solution that we realized for SwissYou Ltd, one of our Swiss clients. The platform facilitates exchanges between clients (often expats) and trusted advisors (local individuals who have time and knowledge to provide advice). The product is targeting all expatriates and visitors coming to Switzerland who wish to learn about how to settle in Switzerland. Another target audience are those already settled in Switzerland but still looking to understand the rules of the local life. As a modern end-to-end solution SwissYou combines great customer experience via its mobile app, advanced management capabilities via its custom tailored CMS and strong marketing aspect via its web site.

Key Features:

– One of a kind solution for the targeted market
– Integrated payment system (via Stripe)
– Advanced booking
– Real-time communication / messaging
– Advanced feedback & conflicts resolution
– Ratings and recommendations options
– Reporting and analytics
– Swiss Cloud-based & enhanced data protection and confidentiality rules



Advisory Services

NodeJS, AdonisJS, React, ReactNatve, iOS, Android, PostgreSQL