Volontime is a social network for good deeds that aims to contribute to a favorable environment for increasing and developing a donation culture, promoting and implementing volunteer initiatives, support for socially and environmentally significant causes, support for educational projects that add value to society and the environment through their implementation; supports and develops the corporate social responsibility of organizations to support various campaigns and causes.

Bulbera joined forces with Good deeds Volontime Foundation to undertake the next step of the growth of the platform to facilitate the processes and the parties within through implementation of new design and functionalities of the network.

Key Features (developed by Bulbera):

– An entirely new UI / UX of the platform
– Integration with major payment providers
– Real-time messaging and notifications
– Advanced search
– Improved stability and scalability of the platform to handle the increasing volume of users and activities


Website: https://volontime.com

Social Network

NodeJS, Express, Angular, Firebase, PostgreSQL